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Facebook Castle Age Trick

I cannot wait for my elite guard to full in a matter of time, so i figure out this trick to fill my elite guard in a minute. When someone request for elite guard, join them & bookmark their elite guard page, next time when you need an elite guard, visit their elite page that you bookmark earlier. Make sure you bookmark more than 10, who knows their elite guard full without you knowing it.

Home Business

There’s a lot of idea to start home business. List below can be generated for your home business.

1.Art or Design
2. Automobile
6.Computers ( Teach Computer Apps, Basic Computer)
12.Home Improvement
13.Internet (Affiliates Marketing, Sell Goods Online)
15.Pets Care
16.Real Estate
17.Recreation (Guest House, Motel)
19.Sell Goods (Wholesale/Retail)

Remove Virus - Mobile Phone (Nokia 6600)

If antivirus cannot detect and cannot removes virus from your mobile phone, and formatting it also cannot help to get rid of virus, try this tips.

*Use Fexplore to access the C:\System
*Delete the "system" folder, there will be a warning saying that the file is in use, ignore it or skip.
*Continue deleting the system folder until it is empty. You may also delete the E:\System (mmc ) as well or scan it using pc antivirus.
*Remove the mmc. Then format it ::. press the keys *#7370#, the default code should be 12345. It will format phone memory.

Good Luck.

Ubuntu - Download youtube

Download video from youtube with this simple way, first open terminal, then type::

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

youtube-dl (the video url)


or use gvdownload

Search File

You might want to search some file but can't remember the file name. If you remember the file type, in the search result box type this;
1. *.doc (search all Words file)
2. *.xls (search all Excels file)
3. *.pp (search all Power Point file)
4. *.* ( search all files & folders)

or just type *.xxx (file extension) to search the file